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Italy Coastguard Recovers Bodies Of 45 Refugees

Gorilla Drags Four Year Old In Shocking Video

Cincinnati Zoo Shoots Gorilla After Child Falls In Cage

Gunmen Shoot At Police Helicopter

Corrections Officer Injured By Explosive Package

How Obama Ridiculed Trump's Birther Questions

What Journalists Should Do When Trump Talks About Conspiracy Theories

Donald Trump's Many Conspiracy Theories

Thousands Of Veterans Lose Their Monthly Benefits Due To Clerical Errors

Mother Loses Life After Fire Ant Attack

Boy Attacked By Shark In Florida

Boy Saved, Gorilla Killed After Falling Into Zoo Exhibit

Death Toll Rising After Texas Flooding

Dangerous Weather Wreaks Havoc On The Holiday Weekend

How Will The RNC Handle Possible Protests In Cleveland

Health Experts Call For Summer Olympics To Move Over Zika

Dutch Police Department's Newest Anti-Drone Recruits Have Wings

Trump Speaks At Rolling Thunder Biker Rally In DC

Protests Overshadow Donald Trump's California Campaigning

Trump Hits Magic Number 1,237

Pilot Killed In Hudson River Small Plane Crash

At Least Five UN Peacekeepers Killed In Mali Attack

Witness Says Gorilla Pulled The Child's Pants Up

Ohio Zoo Kills Gorilla To Protect Small Child

German Politician Hit In The Face With Cream Pie

Ukraine Elderly Home Fire Kills 17 People

Death Toll From Texas Flood Rises To Four People

Base-Jumper Performs Stunt At Great Wall - Raw Video

Flying Man Soars Over China's Great Wall

Migrants Pulled From Sicilian Channel - Raw Video

As Many As 900 Migrants Feared Drowned In One Week

Over 700 Migrants Feared Dead In Mediterranean Shipwrecks This Week

UN Says 700 Refugees Feared Dead In Mediterranean In Recent Days

Terrifying Landslide Moment Recorded By Mobile In China

Fascist Labels Stick To People With Far-Right Views In EU

U.S.-Led Coalition Boosts Presence In New Iraq Offensive

Troops Continue Battle To Retake Fallujah - Raw Video

Fighting For Mosul Expands - Raw Video

Iraq Kurds Launch Offensive East Of Mosul

Libyan Forces Seek To Encircle ISIS-Held Sirte

Syrian Rebels And ISIS Jihadists Face Off In Northern Syria

Five Ukrainian Soldiers Killed In Clashes

Trump Talks Veterans At Rolling Thunder Rally

Gary Johnson Is Libertarian Party Nominee

Drug Tests Present Major Hurdle For Employers

Militants Blow Up Oil Pipelines In Nigeria

Cincinnati Zoo Kills Gorilla To Save Child

Mom Saves Her Baby, Loses Leg

Dad Attacked For Bringing Daughter Into Men's Room

Hiker Dies After 1,000-Sting Bee Attack

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