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Teen Suspected Of Trying To Stab Classmates Shot By Police

School Shooting; Police Shoot Student Wielding Knife

Man Stabs Frosty The Snowman

Violent Road Rage Woman Assaults Driver With Cane

2 Teens Accused Of Starting Deadly Tennessee Fires

Two Minors Accused Of Setting Deadly Tenn. Wildfires

S.C. Police Search For Walmart Stabbing Suspect

Suspect In Georgia Cop Killing Is Dead, Investigators Say

Escaped South Carolina Inmate Captured By Police

Police Search Home For Georgia Shooting Suspect - Raw Video

Massive Manhunt For Alleged Georgia Cop Killer

Georgia Authorities Search For Cop Killer

Witnesses Recount 'Pizza Gate' Experience

Escaped Inmate Wanted In Stabbing Of Police Officer

Wedding Day Turns Into Tragedy As The Groom Is Killed By An Earthquake

Urgent Appeal For Supplies After Strong Indonesia Quake

Indonesia Earthquake Devastation

End Game In Aleppo

Gunfire, Explosions Burst In Aleppo Fight - Raw Video

Iraqi Troops Search Mosul Neighbourhood Recaptured From IS Group

Tide Of Anguished Humanity On The Move In Aleppo

Iraqi Militiawoman Fighting IS

Guatemala Devil Burning Ceremony Takes On Trump

Pakistan Investigates Deadly Plane Crash

Plane Crash Wreckage In Northwest Pakistan - Raw Video

Pakistan Mourns For Crash Victims, As Families Await Answers

Giraffes Put On Extinction Watch List

Giraffes Are Now Been Classified As Vulnerable To Extinction

'Silent Extinction' Of Giraffes In Africa

Man Wins Talent Contest With Raunchy Noises

Search For Indonesia Earthquake Survivors - Raw Video

Venezuelan Fishermen Fall Victim To Pirates

Army Artillery Unit Fires Massive 21-Gun Salute At Pearl Harbor 75th Anniversary

JetPack Aviation Shows Off Its Portable, Turbine-Powered Backpack

Edward Snowden Full Interview On Trump, Petraeus, Having 'No Regrets'

Reno Police Shoot Knife-Wielding Student

Reno Student Critical After Police Shooting

Woman Battling Breast Cancer Says TSA Pat Down Went Too Far

Man Wins Talent Contest With Fart Noises

$85 Leather-Wrapped Rock Sells Out Online

EU Unveils 321 Million Euro 'Space Egg'

Starbucks Unveils Plan To Add 12,000 Stores

Aerial Timelapse Footage Reveals Area 51 Growth Over Past Five Decades

Manhunt Underway For Suspected Cop Killer In Georgia

Tennessee Prosecutors Say Wildfires Were Intentional

Raging Warehouse Fire Trapped Victims In Smoke

Hear The Breaking News Report From Pearl Harbor, 75 Years Later

Anniversary Of Pearl Harbor Commemorated In U.S.

Thousands Honor 75th Anniversary Of Pearl Harbor

Lawsuit Alleges Job Placement Company Discriminated Against Blacks

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