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Train Derails Into Rain Swollen River In NW Iowa

Tunisia Floods; Locals Accuse Authorities Of Being Slow To Help

Record Rains Set Off Deadly Flash Floods In Tunisia

Tripoli Battles Leave 115 People Dead As Clashes Between Rival Groups Continue Since Late August

One Person Dead In Anti-Ortega March In Nicaragua

Dozens Gather Near UN General Assembly To Protest Iran

Iran Vows Revenge After Attack On Military Parade

Iran Under Attack

Iranian Professor Says 'U.S. Regime Deeply Sick'

Iran's Rouhani Accuses U.S., Saudi Arabia, Israel Of Being Behind Military Parade Attack

Iran; One Attack And Multiple Claims For Ahvaz

Thousands Attend Funeral For Iran Attack Dead

Russia To Supply Anti-Missile System To Syria

Russian MoD Makes Statement On New Evidence On Il-20 Downing Off Syrian Coast

Russia Responds To Il-20 Downing; S-300 To Be Sent To Syria Within Two Weeks

Russian MoD On Measures They Take In Syria After Il-20 Downing

Argentines Barter At Trade Markets To Counter Crisis

Sexual Assault Crisis In U.S. Military Still A Reality - Report

Rape, Sexual Violence In South Africa Is Running Out Of Control

In Germany Providing Information On Abortion Remains A Crime

Italy Adopts Degree That Makes It Easier To Deport Migrants, Strip Them Of Citizenship

Aquarius Migrant Ship Heads For Marseille Despite Registration Cancellation

Charities Slam Italy As Migrant Ship's Registration Revoked

20 Tons Of Drugs Go Up In Smoke In Afghanistan

Trump Admin. Considering Anti-Trust Probe Into Social Media Platforms

New Evidence Of Political Bias At Google

Dozens Arrested Protesting Kavanaugh On The Hill

Kavanaugh Protesters Swarm Capitol Hill, Allred Not Optimistic

Senate Democrats Say Kavanaugh Nomination 'Unraveling'

Attorney Says Third Kavanaugh Accuser '100% Credible'

Second Kavanaugh Accuser Aided Victims Of Abuse

Ronan Farrow Says Yale Classmate 'Extraordinarily Careful' In Accusing Kavanaugh

Republicans Push Back On New Kavanaugh Allegation As Democrats Call For Delay

Kavanaugh Says He Was A Virgin During High School

Kavanaugh Tells Fox News He's Not Going Anywhere

White House Gives Forceful Response To 2nd Kavanaugh Accuser

Sen. McConnell Vows Up Or Down Vote On Judge Kavanaugh

Trump Stands By Supreme Court Nominee Kavanaugh

Trumps Says He Still Supports Judge Kavanaugh

White House Says We Are So Proud Of Brett Kavanaugh

Trump Says Kavanaugh Allegations Are 'Unfounded'

Democrats Want To Postpone Kavanaugh Hearing

Ronan Farrow Details New Allegations Against Brett Kavanaugh

Kavanaugh Allegations; Leading Democrat Calls For All Proceedings To Be Cancelled

Second Kavanaugh Accuser Emerges As Hearing Set For Senate

Cuomo Says Firing Rosenstein Would Make Trump Look Weak, Afraid

At UN, Trump Says U.S.-North Korea Relations 'Very Good'

Trump Says 2nd North Korea Summit In Not Too Distant Future

Pompeo Backs Trump On 2nd North Korea Meeting

Trump Says Next North Korea Summit Will Happen Soon

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