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Bomb Blast Kills Four People, Injures 90 In Afghan Capital

Woman Shot Dead Outside Phoenix Motel, Five Hurt

Active Shooter Situation Reported At NJ UPS Facility

Two Arrested In Utah Mall Shooting

Two Wounded In Utah Mall Shooting

Polish Mayor Dies After Being Stabbed At Charity Event

Polish Mayor Adamowicz Stabbed On Stage During Charity Event In Gdansk

Polish Mayor Dies After Being Stabbed On Stage At Charity Event

Gdansk Locals In Shock After Brutal Public Murder Of Mayor

Mosul Demolishes Iconic Building Used By ISIS For 'Gay' Killings

Cargo Plane Crash In Iran Kills 15 People, One Survivor

Boeing Cargo Plane With 10 People On Board Crashes In Iran

Rescuers Lift Helicopter Wreckage From Water After Rio Crash

Divers Find Crashed Lion Air's Cockpit Voice Recorder

Indonesia Recovers Lion Air Cockpit Voice Recorder

A Million Dead Fish Cause Environmental Stink In Australia

Thailand To Make It Rain As Pollution Chokes Bangkok

Glyphosate 'The Most Toxic Product Ever Invented By Man'

U.S. Presence In Syria Keeps ISIS Alive – Fmr U.S. Diplomat

Israel Confirms Strikes Against Iranian Targets In Syria

CIA Director's Torturous Past

CIA's Haspel May Have Run Black Site At Gitmo

Trump Threatens To 'Devastate' Turkish Economy If Ankara Attacks Kurds

Trump Warns Turkey Of Economic 'Devastation' If Kurds Hit

U.S. Ambassador Threatens To Sanction German Nord Stream 2 Companies

Courts Block Trump's Birth Control Rules

Ripped From Family, Police Seize Newborn From Indigenous Mom In Canada

California Diocese Releases Names Of Alleged Abusers

Child Marriages 'Legal' In U.S.

President Trump's Joke Called 'Sexist'

Gabbard Taking Heat Over Past Anti Gay Comments

Hannity Says FBI Plotted To Destroy President Trump

Tucker Says FBI Targeted Trump For Policy Differences On Russia

Anderson Cooper Says 'I'm Not Usually At A Loss For Words'

Erin Burnett Says Trump 'Tough On Russia' Since When

CNN Analyst Gives 18 Reasons Why Trump May Be A Russian Asset

Trump Says Kremlin Ties Are 'Big Fat Hoax'

'Plenty' Is Still Unknown About Trump's Interactions With Putin, Says Former NSC Staffer

Sen. Warner 'Legitimate Questions' Need To Be Answered About Trump And Russia

Denying He Ever Worked For Russia, Trump Calls The Question A 'Disgrace'

Trump Says He 'Never Worked For Russia'

Trump Denies Working For Russia, Lashes Out At Reporter

Trump 'I Never Worked For Russia'

Trump Blasts Two Bombshell Reports On Russia Investigation

FBI Debated Whether Trump Followed Russia's Direction

AG Nominee Says Mueller Should Be Allowed To Finish Investigation

Trump Lashed Out At Mulvaney During Meeting

Democrats In Puerto Rico Amid Shutdown & Other Bad Optics

Democrat Lawmakers Attend Puerto Rico Retreat Amid Shutdown

Poll Says Majority Of Americans Blame Trump, GOP For Shutdown

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