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Truck Explodes In Pakistan, Over 150 People Dead - Raw Video

Oil Tanker Fire Kills At Least 153 People In Pakistan

139 People Dead, More Than 100 Injured In Pakistan Oil Tanker Fire

Venezuela Protesters In Clashes With Authorities

Air Asia Flight Forced To Turn Around After Cabin Violently Shakes

Shaking Forces Plane To Turn Back

Burned Quran And Bacon Left At Mosque

Iraqi Forces Battle Towards Heart Of Mosul's Old City

Yemen Cholera Cases Could Jump To 300,000 By September - UN

Hopes Fade For Victims Of China Landslide

Rescue Efforts Continue After Deadly China Landslide

Wildfires Blaze Across Southwest

Hate Crimes Skyrocketing In U.S. As Racial Tensions Intensify

Millions Of Migrants May Come To Europe Next Year – EU Parliament Chief

CIA Contractors Fired After Hacking Vending Machines, Stealing Snacks

Thousands Celebrate Gay Pride In Mexico City

Over 130 People Killed By Overturned Tanker Fire In Pakistan

Oil Tanker Flips & Explodes In Pakistan, Over 100 People Burn To Death

Two Ukrainian Soldiers Killed Hours After Truce

Israeli Airstrikes On Golan Heights Leave Civilian Casualties

15 Bodies Found After China Landslide - Raw Video

Shop Owner Can't Remove Confederate Flag

141 People Missing In China Landslide

Desperate Search For Landslide Survivors In China

Landslide In China Buries Hundreds Of People

Two People Killed, 11 Missing After Colombia Mine Explosion

At Least Eight People Killed In Colombia Coal Mine Blast

Air Strikes In Marawi As Philippines Troops Try To Retake City

TSA Officer Arrested For Allegedly Stealing Money From Traveler's Bag

Dupont's Dumping Of GenX Toxin In North Carolina Water Could Be The Next Flint

WWII Vets Exposed To Mustard Gas Denied Benefits

Protests Over Student Killed Continue In Caracas

EDL Supporters Face-Off With Antifa Protesters In London

Paris Gay Pride Calls For Universal Reproductive Rights

Colombia's First Three-Man Marriage Gains Legal Recognition

Iraq Residents Who Fled Mosul's Old City Are Now Traumatized

Hundreds Of Civilians Free To Leave Mosul

Syria Releases Over 600 Detainees Ahead Of Eid

Hundreds Of Detainees From Damascus Prisons Freed

White Helmet Member Allegedly Caught On Camera Disposing Of Beheaded Soldiers

U.S. Calls Pakistan Main External Reason For Afghan Instability

Saddam-Era Officials Likely To Head ISIS If Al-Baghdadi Is Dead

Thousands Evacuate Camden Homes Due To Fire Fears

London Tower Blocks Evacuated Over Fire Fears

Will Jeff Sessions Crack Down On California's Recreational Marijuana Program

Struggling Towns Turn To Medical Marijuana

Can Cannabis Make America Great Again

Police Shooting Mistrial Ignites Nationwide Protests

Mistrial In The Case Of Univ. Of Cincinnati Officer Accused Of Killing An Unarmed Black Motorist

NSC Just Hid Obama Spy Info For Five Years

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