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New Mexico High School Evacuated After Shot Fired

Flood Of Mexican Fentanyl Fuels U.S. Overdoses

Suicide Attack Kills 27 Members Of Iran's Elite Revolutionary Guard

Cameroon; 187 Boko Haram Fighters Surrender Arms

'Fire, Fury & Fear' Is Haiti Cursed

Week Of Violence Rocks Haiti With President Under Pressure To Quit

Eating Scorpions, Worms In Thai-U.S. Military Drill

In War-Torn Ukraine, Women Get Taste Of Combat Training

Poland Buying $414 Million Of U.S. Rocket Artillery To 'Guarantee Its Security'

FBI Most Wanted List Suspect Is Believed Killed

Texas Man Sentenced To Eight Years In Jail For 3D Gun

Lawyer Says Convicted Officer Beaten In Prison

ONLY ON AP Maduro Blames U.S. Sanctions For Crisis

Military Invasion Of Venezuela 'On The Table'

Venezuela Crisis; Maduro Defiant Despite International Pressure Over Aid

Protesters Gather Outside Parliament Ahead Of Latest Brexit Vote

French Boxer Jailed For Year For Hitting Officer At Yellow Vest Protest

French 'Yellow Vest' Boxer Gets Year Long Jail Sentence

America Strong; WWII Veteran Remembered

White House Says Trump To Free Up $8 Billion For Border Security

Trump Prepares For Challenges To National Emergency Decision

Trump And Congress Gear Up For A Fight Over National Emergency Plan

Why Trump's National Emergency Plan Could Present A 'Major Constitutional Test'

Don Lemon Says Trump Using A Non Crisis To 'Save His Rear End'

Jim Acosta Says This Is A Campaign Promise Emergency For Trump

Toobin Says National Emergency Is Erosion Of Separation Of Powers

Nancy Pelosi Responds To Trump's Plan To Declare National Emergency

Pelosi Slams Trump Plan To Declare Emergency

After Bipartisan Vote, New Divide Over Border

Watch Sean Hannity Change Tune On Bill After Trump Intervenes

SPECIAL REPORT President Trump To Declare National Emergency

Trump To Sign Border Bill And Declare National Emergency

Trump Full Speed Ahead On Border Wall

McConnell 'Trump Will Declare National Emergency'

McConnell Says Trump Will Sign Bill, Declare National Emergency

McConnell Says Trump To Sign Bill, Declare Emergency

Senators Pray Trump Will Sign Border Deal

Schumer Blasts McConnell Over Green New Deal Vote

Russian Targets In Sight – U.S. Readies New Volley Of Sanctions

Hannity On The Deep State And Their Abuse Of Power

President Trump Slams 'Poor Little Angel' Andrew McCabe

DOJ Held Meetings On How To Oust President Trump

McCabe Confirms He Opened The Investigation Into Trump

Chris Cuomo, Don Lemon Question If Trump Is Able To Tell Truth

Senate Finds Zero Evidence Of Trump Russia Collusion Conspiracy After Years Of Media Hysteria

Citizens Go After 'War Criminal' Elliot Abrams

'War Criminal!' – Activists Burst In On Abrams' Congress Grilling

Pence Says Warsaw Talks Agree Iran 'Great Threat' In Middle East

Pompeo Says No Mideast Peace Without Confronting Iran

Israel PM Hails Common Front With Arabs On Iran In Warsaw Talks

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