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Nearly 60 Al-Shabaab Militants Killed In Somalia

Columbine-Style Massacre Highlights Global Violence In Schools

Crimea Terror Suspect Used 'Reich' Alias Online

Putin On Crimea Attack 'Tragic Event, We Now Know It's A Crime, Motives Being Carefully Studied'

Crimea Blast Kills At Least 18 People, Injures 40 In Kerch

Students Killed In Attack On Vocational College In Crimea

Attack On Crimea College Kills At Least 17 People

Three People Lynched In Ecuador Over Child Abduction Claims

Orthodox Jewish Men Assaulted In NYC

Sheriff Says Missing Wisconsin Girl's Parents Were Shot

Yemen Close To Worst Famine In 100 Years If War Doesn't Stop

CNN Granted Rare Access To Site Of Alleged Genocide

UK & U.S.-Led Coalition In 'Deep Denial' Of Civilian Deaths In Syria's Raqqa Amnesty

Retaken But Not Rebuilt Syria's Raqa A Year Since ISIS Ouster

Palestinian Rocket On Beersheba Draws Gaza Air Strikes

Trump Warns Caravan Of Immigrants Heading To U.S.

Trump 'Can Say What He Wants', Says Migrants Hoping To Reach U.S.

Mother, Child Risk Lives To Flee Venezuela On Foot

How U.S. War & Policies Fuel The Migrant Crisis

Mass Rallies In Catalonia Calling For Release Of Political Leaders

Squalor Amid Destruction Left By Hurricane Michael

Air Force Builds Temp Housing At Damaged Florida Base

Cop Confronts Kids With BB Gun

BB Gun-Wielding Kids Taught Lesson By Cop

Beto O'Rourke Fights To Unseat Sen. Ted Cruz In Texas Midterm Battle

Sen. Cruz, O'Rourke Spar On Immigration In Fiery Debate

Sen. Cruz And O'Rourke Clash In Texas Senate Debate

What Happened To 'Lyin' Ted'

'Chief Spreading Bull' Cherokee Nation Rejects Elizabeth Warren's DNA Results

Trump Attacked By Liberal Media On Multitude Of Topics

Ingraham On The Night Of The Living Dems

Tucker Says Top Democrats Bash America To Get Power

'Horseface' Trump's Latest In A String Of Attacks

Trump Says U.S. Asked Turkey For Khashoggi Tape, 'If It Exists'

Trump Says U.S. Asking Saudi Arabia For Audio, Video

Trump Denies 'Giving Cover' To Saudi Arabia As Alleged Hit Squad Comes Into Focus

Trump Says Not At All Giving Cover To Saudi Gov't

Pelosi Says Trump's Handling Of Khashoggi 'Looks Silly'

Senators Vow To Act If Khashoggi Killed By Saudis

Jake Tapper Calls Out Trump's 'Stunningly Dismissive' Tone

Cuomo Plays Guessing Game With Trump's Tweet

Trump Emphasizes Saudi Denials In Journalist's Death

Pompeo Meets With Saudi Official Amid Missing Journalist Questions

Khashoggi Disappearance; Pompeo To Discuss Investigation Into Missing Journo With Turkish Gov't

Turkish Police Search Saudi Consul's Residence In Khashoggi Case

Democrat Forced To Resign Over Patriotic Facebook Post

Majority Not Interested In Celebrity Political Opinions, Says Poll

Study Shows Two-Thirds Of Americans Are Not As Polarized As The Media Wants You To Think

Being Black In America - When Performing Everyday Activities Triggers 911 Calls

Border Official Says Still Illegal To Bring Pot To U.S.

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