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Police Release Bodycam Video Of 'Offensive' Arrest Of Woman

Alabama Police Chief 'Disgusted' By Arrest Video

New Video Of Border Patrol Arresting Migrants They Can't Deport

Dozens Hospitalized After Chicago-Area Chem Leak

Hazmat Teams Respond To Fiery Train In Texas

Deadly Storms Tear Through South

Durban Residents Try To Rebuild After Deadly South Africa Floods

Comoros Hit By Cyclone Kenneth

Despite Loss Of Caliphate, Why ISIS Is 'Far From Defeated'

UN Condemns Saudi Executions, U.S. Barely Reacts

Saudi Arabia Executes 37 Shias On Minor Charges

Saudi Arabia Beheads 37 People, Puts Body On Display While Still On UN Human Rights Council

Afghan Gov't, U.S. & Int'l Forces Responsible For More Civilian Deaths Than Militant Forces – UN

'Spy Vulture' Held In War-Torn Yemen

Armenia Genocide Protesters Scuffle With Police Outside Turkish Consulate In Greece

Activists Occupy Venezuelan Embassy In DC

Climate Protests Hit London's Bustling Financial Hub

Climate Protests Continue In London, Leading To Disruption In Financial District

Sudan Braces For 'Million Strong' Protest March

Sudan Military Council Says 'Agreement' Reached With Protest Leaders

Spanish Far-Right Party VOX Sees Surge In Popularity As Voters Will Head To Polls On Sunday

Indigenous Protest In Brazil Over Land Rights

White Supremacist John King Executed In Texas After 20 Years On Death Row

Texas Executes Man For Role In 1998 Dragging Death

Agents Search Baltimore Mayor's Homes, City Hall

New Investigation Reveals Widespread Police Misconduct Never Publicly Revealed

AP Debrief; Ex-Cop Fired 'To Stop Threat'

Ex-Officer Gets 25 Years In Florida Motorist's Death

Judge Indicted, Accused Of Helping Immigrant Avoid ICE Detainment

Judge Indicted For Helping Fugitive Avoid ICE

Judge Accused Of Helping Undocumented Immigrant Evade ICE

Police Say No Terrorism Ties Seen In Pedestrian Crash

Flint Still In Crisis After Five Years

Quarantine Orders Issued At UCLA

Quarantines At Two Schools Amid Measles Outbreak

Largest Measles Outbreak In U.S. In 20 Years

NY County Declares 2nd Measles Emergency

Uganda Woman Creates A Soap To Protect Against Malaria

Macron 'People Need To Work More... France Works A Lot Less Than It's Neighboring Countries'

Putin Says North Korea 'Interested In Denuclearization, Needs Guarantees Of Security & Sovereignty'

Bernie Compares Felons Voting To Women's Suffrage, Civil Rights Movement

Bernie Sanders Booed After Name-Dropping MLK Jr.

How Black Female Democrats May Respond To Biden's Candidacy

Biden Takes On Trump's Character In 2020 Announcement

Biden Says Charlottesville Violence Key To 2020 Run

Analyst Says Trump's White House Departure Will Be Ugly If He Loses

Trump Praises Press At White House Children's Event

Why Trump Loves To Hate The White House Correspondents' Dinner

Under Trump, WHCD Has Turned Into Sad Joke

Trump Rally Vs. WHC Dinner; Who Wins

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