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Donald Trump Fires Away At Both Bill And Hillary Clinton

Massive Colorado Twister Captured On Video

Philippine Election Front-Runner Drawing Comparisons To Donald Trump

Monster Fort McMurray Fire Continues To Spread

Dick Cheney Says He Will Support Trump

Massive Alberta Wildfire Expected To Double In Size

Unstoppable Wildfires Burn Hundreds Of Canadian Homes

North Korea Keeps Media At Distance For Workers' Party Congress

Wildfire Drives Massive Evacuation In Alberta, Canada

Man Records Harrowing Fire Evacuation In Canada

Canada's Fort McMurray Wildfire; State Of Emergency Declared, Two People Die Amid Mass Evacuation

Mass Exodus From Alberta City Due To Canadian Wildfire

11 Year Old Navajo Girl Found Dead

Donald Trump Reacts To Ted Cruz Suspending His Campaign

Muslim Woman Sues Long Beach Police Over Hijab Removal

Did Students Fabricate 'Racially Motivated' Attack

Turkey MPs Fight Over Government Immunity Proposal

Violent May Day Clashes Rock Seattle

Trump Says We Can't Allow China To 'Rape Our Country'

Sen. Graham Says Donald Trump's Nationalism Will Lead To Another 9/11

400 Arrested At Protest Against Germany's AFD Congress

33 Rescued Lions Flown From Peru To South Africa

Florida Officer Arrested, Fired For Hitting Handcuffed Woman

Two Toddlers Tied, Chained In Backyard Near San Antonio

Sessions On Why He's The Only Senator Backing Trump

Trump 'Felt Like I Was Crossing The Border'

Russian Jet Barrel-Rolls Over U.S. Plane

Protesters Pack Streets After California Trump Rally

Venezuela Crisis; Blackouts, Protests And Looting

Driver Rescued From Mississippi Flooding - Raw Video

Watch Lightning Strikes Plane In Midair

Judge Calls Ex Speaker Hastert A Serial Child Molester

Donald Trump's Popularity Grows In The Republican Party

Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert Confesses To Sex Crimes

Donald Trump Calls For Cruz, Kasich To Drop Out

Al-Qaeda Says It Killed Bangladesh Gay Activists

Did Mexican Drug Cartel Carry Out Ohio Family Murders

U.S. Sends F-22 Warplanes To Romania

Donald Trump's Former Mansion On Sale For $45 Million

Rare Scenes Of Western Special Forces Fighting ISIS On The Ground In Syria

Giant Sinkhole Swallows Busy Intersection

Trump Says Clinton Is 'As Crooked As They Come'

Report Says 26 People Killed As Fighting Rages In Syria's Aleppo

U.S. Buying 35 Tons Of Nuclear Heavy Water From Iran

Mind-Controlled Drones Race To The Future

Two People Killed In Rio Bike Path Collapse

Student Beaten To Death at School Fight, Allegedly

Military Vehicles Plummet In Failed U.S. Airdrop Drill

Zika Virus Fix; Using Genetically Modified Mosquitos Sparks Debate

Toll Worker Tries To Save Woman In Texas Flood - Raw Video

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