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Suspected Gunman Barricaded In Bus

Masked Burglars Rob Bellagio Hotel

Funerals In Mosul After Coalition Airstrikes

Mainstream Media Largely Ignores Mosul Death Toll In Anti-ISIS Ops

South Sudan Faces Famine, Potential Genocide In Civil War

Thousands March In London Against Looming Brexit

Hundreds Protest Ahead Of Hong Kong Election

Palestinians Hold Funeral For Senior Hamas Militant Killed In Gaza

Memorial Held For Slain Russian Lawmaker

Turkey's Transport Minister Criticizes Electronics Ban

Electronics Ban Goes Into Effect For U.S. And UK-Bound Flights From Istanbul's Ataturk Airport

Electronics Ban Implemented On U.S.-Bound Flights

Missing Black Teens In DC Spark Outrage

Stephen Hawking Appears As Hologram In Hong Kong

The World Switches Off For Earth Hour

House Intel Chair Backs Down From Claims That Trump, Associates Were Monitored By U.S. Intelligence

Surveillance Video Shows Shooting Death Of Kremlin Critic

Disturbing New Allegations In The Suspected Hate Crime Stabbing

Wikileaks Reveals How CIA Can Control Apple Products

CIA Torture Whistleblower Talks Prison Sentence, New Book

U.S. Losing Ground To Taliban, Blames Russia

New Developments In Wednesday's Terror Attack In London

Fast-Moving Wildfire In Texas Panhandle - Raw Video

Child Victims Of Mosul Battle Fill Emergency Hospital

Over 230 People Killed Under Rubble After 'U.S.-Led Raid' In Mosul

Escaping ISIS-Held Mosul, Residents Head Into Unknown

Protesters Gather Against Political Corruption In Baghdad

Dozens Of Russian Tanks Deployed Close To Ukrainian Border

'Corpses' Of Communist Leaders Draw Crowds In Hong Kong

The Double Standards Of Gun Ownership

U.S. Air Force Considers Retiring F-15

Possible New Dinosaur Family Tree 130 Years Later

Torrential Rains Kill At Least 84 People In Peru

Lost Student Survives For Five Days Alone In Desert

Similarities In Different Attacks In EU Becomes Ever More Glaring

Police Release Photo Of London Terror Attack Suspect

New Arrests Made In Deadly London Terror Attack

London Attack; Two Significant Arrests Overnight

London Attack; Two More Arrests Made, Death Toll At Four People

London Attack; Significant Arrests Made Overnight

Truck Hits Stroller, Kills Toddler In NYC - Raw Video

Scores Of People Feared Dead In Ruined Mosul Building Hit By Coalition Airstrike – Witnesses

Ads Pulled From Youtube Over Offensive Videos

Texas Woman Survives Five Days Stranded In Desert Near Grand Canyon

Khalid Masood Identified By Police As Man Behind London Attack

Woman Stranded In Desert

U.S. Cities Increase Security After Deadly London Attack

Focus On ISIS After Deadly London Terror Attack

Utah Man Killed In UK Attack Was Hit On Bridge

Utah Man Celebrating Wedding Anniversary Killed In London Attack

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Heavy Clashes Underway Between Syrian Army, Foreign-Backed Militants

March 19, 2017 - Syrian government forces have engaged in heavy clashes with foreign-backed militants in eastern fringes of Damascus. According to Syrian media, the fighting erupted after militants attacked army positions. Officials have been quoted as saying that the militants launched two car bomb attacks in an attempt to storm the army’s defense lines. The two sides reportedly exchanged heavily in Jobar district which stands between the capital city and militant-held Ghouta neighborhood. Syrian troops have been battling militants around the capital for months. They have liberated many districts and villages so far.

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