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Plane Delivers Weapons To Troops Fighting ISIS

14 Syrian Civilians Killed In U.S.-Led Coalition Airstrikes

President Trump Reads 'The Snake'

Texas Gov. Describes Extent Of Tornado Damage

Tornado Strikes Texas Town - Raw Video

Churchgoers Saved From Texas Tornado By The Grace Of God

Horrifying Moment A Killer Tornado Approaches Drivers In Texas

Flash Floods Hit Parts Of Midwest

Pope Francis Warns Humanity Could Be Destroyed By The Situation In North Korea

New Orleans Takes Away Confederate Monument

At Least Eight People Killed In U.S. Drone Attack In Yemen

U.S. Troops Patrol Syria's Border With Turkey

'It's All About Influence And Domination In Syria' - Political Analyst On U.S. Troops Deployment

Pressure Mounting For Venezuelan President

Drones Keep Elephants Away From People In Tanzania

Netflix Allegedly Hit By 'The Dark Overlord' Hackers

Vault 7 Wikileaks Reveals CIA Tool To Find Leaks

Fort McMurray Still Struggles One Year After Wildfire

Hospitals Are Cutting Jobs Across The Nation

Trump Slams White House Correspondents' Dinner

Stars Arrive For Trump-Less White House Press Dinner

EU Leaders Agree To A Tough Stance On Brexit

Thousands In U.S. Protest Trump Climate Policies

ISIS Claims Car Bombing In Baghdad, Four Police Killed

Car Bomb Blast Kills At Least Three People In Central Baghdad

What Does North Korea's Third Failed Missile Launch This Month Mean For The U.S.

North Korea Ballistic Missile 'Blows Up' After Launch

North Korea Fires Ballistic Missile Amid Rising Tensions With U.S.

U.S. Military Convoy Stationed In Northern Syria

Turkish Authorities Block Access To Wikipedia

Turkey Blocks Access To Wikipedia

Anti-Austerity Protesters Clash With Police In Rio

Montenegro Parliament Ratifies NATO Membership Amid Mass Protests

Knights Of Malta Draw Battle Lines After Clash With Pope

Russians, In Peaceful Protest, Call For Putin To Quit

Climate Marchers Urge Trump To Protect Environment

Chileans Demand Government To Accept More Syrian Refugees

Ugandan President Issues Order On Food Crisis

'Horrifying' – Witnesses Describe Latest String Of Prisoner Executions In Arkansas

EPA Removes Climate Change Info From Website

Goat And Rooster Are The Best Of Friends

Chinese Firefighters Remove Burning Gas Can From Restaurant

Tall Office Buildings Hurt Your Brain

Looking Back At LA Riots After Beating Of Rodney King

Macron's Campaign Accuses RT Of Spreading 'Fake News,' Dodges Requests For Clarification

Francois Hollande Says Britain Must Pay Price For Brexit

Ohio Woman Pulls Gun Over Son's Haircut

LA Riots Attacker Speaks Out On 25th Anniversary

Pyongyang Test-Fires Another Ballistic Missile

Car Bomb Kills Four People In Baghdad

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Two Police Officers Shot In Seattle

April 20, 2017 - One officer is in critical condition after an attempted convenience store robbery....

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